Community of Japanese linguists: talking about the language

1. HONYAKU on GoogleGroups

HONYAKU is a discussion forum of professional and aspiring Japanese translators.  Through participation, we improve our linguistic awareness in both languages towards more engaging communication.   I enjoy the process of identifying the best way to deliver a message into Japanese.   (visit HONYAKU site | view my posts)
I like interacting with translators on HONYAKU because of the forum’s openness to the public.  I sometimes wish I could edit my previous posts, but that hasn’t been possible.  Honyaku also has an archive of posts since 1993, maintained by Ryan Ginstrom.

2. Proz Kudoz 

Unlike HONYAKU, Kudoz system is points driven, which tends to attract half-baked answers to unrealistic, context-less queries, but some good exchanges can also be found.  Below is a few of my contributions to the Kudoz forum:

yield(s)” “keeping on point” “鋭い切り口で分析” “OSHA recordable injury” “aired on ABC, NBC, and CBS” “proportional to the political representation” “not necessarily limited to” “fix

 3. Japan Association of Translators

This is a closed list for JAT members only, but JAT is a great group of translators and I enjoy learning through participation.

4. American Translators Association

As an ATA Certified translator, I keep up my continuing education through participation in translation-related programs.

” There is a delicate balance between knowing your limitations and being willing to take on a new subject area in order to expand your skills. Self-knowledge at this level comes with experience and education. ”  source: American Translators Association (ATA)